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The Beginnings

By Vinoth

Startup Weekly Free

Get inspired from the humble beginnings of now famous companies

Daily Meditation

By Richard Rohr

Social science

Richard Rohr offers daily meditations to awaken us to God’s loving presence in all things.

Box of Amazing

By Rahim Hirji

Business Tech

Covering trends, tech and extraordinary stories, to broaden your mind & challenge your thinking.

Brain Pickings Weekly

By Maria Popova

Culture Social science Design

Maria Popova shares unmissable articles across creativity, art, science, psychology and design.

Launch Ticker News

By Jason Calacanis

News Tech Innovation

Featuring stories in tech and startups: curated & summarized by a team of researchers.

CB Insights

By Anand Sanwal

Tech Investment Innovation

Data-driven view into what's next in emerging technology, startups, venture capital and M&A.

Abundance Insider

By Peter Diamandis

Innovation Tech

Empowering entrepreneurs to generate extraordinary wealth & creating a world of abundance.


By Bob Lefsetz


Lefsetz addresses the issues of the music business: downloading, copy protection, pricing & music itself.

Abnormal Returns

By Tadas Viskanta

Investment Finance

Tadas Viskanta brings the best of the investment blogosphere to your mailbox every day.

Webdesigner News

By Webdesigner News

Development Design

A curated collection of the best stories for designers, each day in your inbox.

Rad Reads

By Khe Hy

Social science Lifestyle Finance

Five unique articles to inspire, inquire, and activate. The topics are expansive and groovy.

Weekend Reader

By Maxwell Anderson

Maxwell Anderson shares a handpicked compilation of 5 great articles or videos on a single idea that is shaping culture.

Investor DNA

By Ken Akoundi

Tech Innovation Finance

Daily articles around investments, risk management, technology, and well-being.

James Clear

By James Clear

Social science Lifestyle Business

Honest strategies and proven science for living healthy, written by James Clear.

Quartz Daily Brief

By Quartz

Finance Politics

A briefing for smart, busy people. Sharing the most interesting news on global economy.

The Observation Deck

By Mark Evans

Tech Marketing

Each week Mark Evans hand-picks startup content focused on marketing, operations & finance.

Opening Statement

By Andrew Cohen (The Marshall Project)


Receive the best criminal justice news from around the web, curated by Andrew Cohen.


By Imran Amed


The fashion news you need to know from around the web, by Imran Amed.

CNN Reliable Sources

By Brian Stelter

Media newsletter

Essential Media News. Stay a step ahead with the latest-must-read for the inside scoop on news, entertainment and politics: Digital. Broadcast. Cable. Hollywood. Don't miss a step.

Vox Sentences

By Dylan Matthews and Dara Lind


A daily digest for what's happening in the world, curated by Dara Lind and Dylan Matthews.

The Atlantic

By Rosa Inocencio Smith


Your daily dose of news and analysis on politics, business, culture and technology.