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Austin Kleon's Weekly Newsletter

By Austin Kleon

Media Culture

An interesting list containing new art, writing, and links curated by writer and artist Austin Kleon.

UI Movement

By Ramy Khuffash


Get the five best UI designs / animations in your inbox weekly, for free.

API's Need to Know

By American Press Institute

Media newsletter

New angles and insights on the top headlines from unusual global sources that challenge you.

The Fight Spot

By Shawn Blanc

Business Social science Culture

A twice-weekly newsletter about creativity, risk, focus, procrastination and workflows.

Breaking Smart

By Venkatesh Rao

Finance Tech

Tweetstorm style explorations of the emerging digital economy & technological serendipity.

Dev Tips: DevTools

By Umar Hansa


Receive a developer tip, in the form of a gif, in your inbox each week.

Now I Know

By Dan Lewis


Learn something new every day! Dan Lewis shares fascinating facts and the stories behind them.


By Eurotopics


This daily press review scans 500 media in 30 countries to bring you the topics moving Europe.

Hacker Newsletter

By Kale Davis

Innovation Tech Development

A weekly newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more.


By Mary Jo Madda

Tech Social science

Millions of people rely on EdSurge to understand education tech. Get smart, connect & find tools!

Stella Spoils

By Stella

Travel Culture

Inspiring photographs, product and travel recommendations, new music and a hand-picked article.

The Stewardship Digest

By Blair Graham and The Summit Church

Culture Development Finance

A bi-weekly digest helping equip you to live a generous life as a faithful steward.

Daily Skimm

By Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin

News Politics Culture

A short, simple, and easy-to-read version of the news, targeted at urban women.


By Jason Hirschhorn

Business Politics Sports

Jason Hirschhorn’s creates a curated interest mix of media, tech and pop content via email.

Mister Spoils

By Mister Spoils

Design Lifestyle Travel

A edgy dose of style, design, lifestyle design, and wanderlust for the Instagram generation.


By DailyChatter


The mission of Dailychatter is to help subscribers know the world better.


By Digiday

Media newsletter

Digiday Daily Newsletter. The day's top stories, delivered at 6 a.m. eastern.

Platform & Stream

By Jeff Hyatt

Tech Culture

A curated daily digest of music streaming news

Tedium: The Dull Side of the Internet

By Ernie Smith


Twice a week, internet obsessive Ernie Smith (ShortFormBlog) puts his findings in your inbox.

Really Good Emails

By Really Good Emails


Receive a large collection of good product email design, and great email newsletter examples. daily

By Mousetrap Media Ltd

Media newsletter

Our daily email newsletter contains links to our latest news, features, tips, jobs, training courses and media releases and other information about our services.